Be it our Independence Day celebration, our annual Greek Festival, our annual Hike for CHEO or one of the many interesting lectures that we sponsor relating to our culture and our faith are covered by Rogers Television in Ottawa through the “Hellenic Kaleidoscope” program. Production is the expensive part and what Rogers offers us is production. Yeni HDD Okumuyor windows 7 de recorvy ile format atma.. And I would say, generally, it is a unique system there, so my comments today will be a little bit about SOREM and of course, because of the type of person I am, a little bit of personal opinion as well. Because we know that voice continues to be an effective way of — there seems — I guess, aren’t we at risk of — by trying to be comfortable with the status quo and what we know, put up walls to what might be a rather significant social change in how people communicate?

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And I would say, generally, it is a unique system there, so my comments today will be a little bit about SOREM and of course, because of the type of person I am, a little bit of personal opinion as well. I am wondering how unwheeled you would be — excuse me — how, because you’re talking about shock block applications of certain rules whereby access levels might 6514jr-es mandated in this community because there is a conventional broadcaster, but not in that one.

The time has come to put the boots back on the ground when it comes to local television.

Video-on-demand made sense to us as we were looking to get into some form of community programming. I have not, sfs we will go to it and wes will answer something for the 17th, yes. It is really that simple.


So like everybody else, we are equipped. So, yes, I have, you know, a little difficulty in that notion at all. I can watch Calgary City Hall on their own website when they broadcast committee meetings.

So it’s not effective. We make space available so that groups can put on educational programming. And those calls were, you know, why is my cable bill going up?

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So if you are going to train them, you may as well train them on the right equipment because they go from us to a job in the broadcasting sector. Not from a perspective, but I believe that businesses in itself have to have one, so we comply by having it in the PSAP.

There used to be a talk show on over-the-air in Ottawa on CJOH, if I can call it that for the purpose of this discussion. Because we actually — the Society that sfs the Valemount Community Television is actually wes Society that also broadcasts seven local stations and three radio stations.

And that provides us with the platform to move forward. I am the only employee of this station and, so, by doing this admittedly resource intensive but fun filled show, we’re able to cover off a lot of community programs in a short time.

Municipalities directly oversee fire communications. Is it imminent, on the horizon, beyond the horizon, or 6514mt-es concept? Is it a question of a few days or well beyond our timeline? We are quite proud that we have done our job.

Chairman, we take the operation of Rogers TV very seriously indeed. On parle de consortium.


In order to meet some of the requirements under this Act, the Commission’s transcripts will therefore be bilingual as to their covers, the listing of CRTC members 6514mr-ee staff attending the hearings, and the table of contents.

Fajkor, you said the Rogers model works, it should be imposed on everyone.

Some of the events are geared towards our members and some of the events are geared to include participation from our friends in the greater Ottawa community. Will you do our high school game? But generally, I think your point is the correct one, which is that our prices reflect the costs that are inputs to our business. And you can do that on the May 17th submission.

Transcript, Hearing January 20, 2017

I think that that’s an outstanding suggestion and I, for one, would vote wholeheartedly for it. In its policy statement the Commission decided to harden up local reflection and access obligations, it set 60 per cent local and 30 per cent access minimums for all cable-operated community television stations.

Police communicators answered the incoming calls and either continued with a pause for police or transferred fire and ambulance calls to their respective dispatchers. The observation is that they are not providing the recommended amount. Yes, it would be contractual in nature.

No, the money we have to spend on community television would go down.