Because all my 4 memory slots are occupied, should I just push MCH or there is something else that I missed? I want to configure everything for as much trouble-free stability as possible, while still getting good performance, so I don’t necessarily have to be the personal tech guy for him. On the realtek website link for the network drivers, I noticed there are two sections. Thank you very much for the quick response! Hey whats the best quad core chip this thing can support, can it do a Q? Sorry for lack of replies everybody, I no longer have a computer in my household with this board, I gave it to my girlfriend. What do I need to do?

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Fix the issue that silent installation fails on CD. Anyone ever try quad-fire on P35 PCIe1.

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I have not tried the new OCZ firmware v1. Windows abig will work great. These G-Skill Pi sticks need less than 2. I even was able to boot with 3 sticks but not will all four memory slots pobulated. Hi guys I need a bit of a info!


Every other driver is up-to-date and has working links as of this post. Time will tell, I guess. You must select the specific optical drive name in the boot selection options. I want to make sure it worked.

Abit iP35 Pro – Switching to AHCI from IDE in Win XP x64 | [H]ard|Forum

Thanks again for any input you might have. I’ve ran into a snag prior to attempting to install the OS. Am I missing something obvious? Can someone give a rough range of these setting that I should stay in between? I think I figured out the attachment method.

No, create an account now. All the rest are Aux fans except for the CPU fan. If all that checks out, I’ll rebuild the overclock from scratch, though probably not to the 4.

The only real problem I encountered was during the Jp35 install. Even after updating the drivers manually through device manager for the audio, it still gave me that blasted audio panel in the system tray. Anyway if avit has been able to switch in XP or x64some help would be appreciated.

I believe BIOS newer than 14 has some issue with reading the core temperature improperly or something like that, I don’t recall exactly. It has something to do with better support for SSD’s.


For use during Windows OS install. Every CPU is different. How to i change it in the bios to make it run at that speed? I tested all four sticks with memtest86 and they all passed. This thread is a GD life saver. Kp35 saw that it did not work but saw on some it did.

Just wondering if hard drives over 1 TB will work with this board or P35 in general. Install it after installing Windows 7. Gonna do it lro this time. If for some reason you require a beta BIOS version available from the lejabeach website http: Jul 10, 1. Do I need any of this stuff?

Skill run okay together?