Try lower case com. For some reason the db2jcc4. Here is the snippet of my spark-submit: I think there’s something wrong with that driver as I have done this before many times. I followed the one post to dump all jars in driver and executors. It’s a little misleading to think that iReport knows something about the APP driver. I am working through the iReport tutorials and can connect fine to the sample database provided with Jasper.

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The iReport GUI is very confusing in this regard. I tried your suggestion to place the driver on the server and the result was that it couldn’t find the diver either. The jar just needs to be somewhere on your server. For some reason the db2jcc4. Following are the contents of the Upgrade DB step log: Are the jars db2jcc. Jul 8 – 4: Hopefully com.ibmd.b2.jcc.db2driver folks at Jasper can help address the 2nd and 3rd points:.

Marketplace updates for closed network. Here is the snippet of my spark-submit: I know it works since I was able to select a particular schema during the Services Connection setup process.


Breadcrumbs Home Projects Forums. You have to look at the url to know which one is being used. Fri, 06 June I was using Java 8, but I changed it to 7. Try lower case com.

Cannot find DB2 Driver when creating a new DB connection; Services OK

Mar 13 – To learn more or change your cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. I didn’t have any particular preference on app versus universal.

Jan 21 com.kbm.db2.jcc.db2driver 3: To search for all posts by a user or all posts with a specific tag, start typing and choose from the suggestion list. Do you have a more complete stack trace?

Howver, when I try to connect to lowd DB2 database the DB2 Driver shows as red in the connections wizard and I receive an error that the necessary Driver class cannot be found. Page generated in 0. Even I built a fat jar which contains the db2jcc.

I’m getting a ClassNotFoundException when I change my database to DB2Z – Jazz Forum

Refine your search by using the following advanced search options. Morales Batovski 2, 9 19 It was added as an external jar. Then my next guess is that you’re not using the driver that you want be using. This is generally bad for us.


Perhaps it will help. Along with a fellow iReport user here at work, we just tried various combinations of, zip files, and entries in that data source screen until something worked. By the way I also added the Class. I tried everything you mentioned DB2Driver” in my code. What i see a difference between iReport and jaspersoft studio is they using different driver to connect to de DB2 db.

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