It is a good idea to have it checked and serviced before starting private practice. How old must you be to supervise a learner driver? It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Driving lessons and learning to drive. Your family member or friend will usually be covered on this.

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This involves reading an old-style number plate in good light at a distance of Unless you are licensed as an approved instructor by the Driving Standards Agency, you must not accept payment for supervising a learner driver. If the vehicle is owned by the learner, the supervising driver will usually be covered on the learner driver’s own insurance and, therefore, does not have to be insured separately.

The best way to ensure that you meet the minimum eyesight standard for driving is to have an eyesight test at an opticians before starting to learn to drive and then every two years, or more often if the optician advises.

Supervising driver laws/rules for B+E & LGV

More useful links Theory test Practical test Preparing for the theory test Driver’s record Instructor’s record. You can start driving as soon as you pass your driving test. The Highway Code Taking driving lessons Find driving schools, lessons and instructors Practise vehicle safety questions. In this accompaning, you cannot yet supervise a learner driver. If you want to ride a moped, you can take your theory test when acccompanying are 16, but again you must make sure you have a valid provisional licence.


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Rules you need to know about supervising a learner driver

When you are supervising a learner driver, you have the same legal responsibilities as if you were driving. Make sure the learner driver is insured to drive the vehicle they are using for private practice.

This is what the law requires of supervising drivers: You can lesrner an unlimited fine, be accompanyng from driving and get up to 8 penalty points for driving without insurance. Once they have received it they can drive a car on the road but not on motorways under supervision and while displaying L Plates or D Plates in Wales.

Some insurance accomoanying require the person supervising you to be over 25 years old. Drivers must also have an adequate field of vision and a visual acuity of at least decimal 0.

These plates should be removed when the vehicle is not being driven by a learner, as the maximum speed limit for a vehicle displaying ‘L’ plates is 45mph.

Insurance Do you have to be insured when supervising a learner driver?

You can download a form to record any practice you do without your driving instructor. You accompsnying have held a full driving licence for at least three years and your licence must apply to the type of learber in which you are the supervising driver.


Taking driving lessons Find driving schools, lessons and instructors Practise vehicle safety questions. To help us improve GOV.

Anyone who is supervising a learner driver must be at least 21 years old. Learning safe driving habits from the start will improve your safety and that of other road users.

What were you doing? You always brought my policies down yearly without me having to question that accompaying you have always been very efficient in the handling of documentation. Practising with family or friends Anyone you practise your driving with without paying them must: Very impressed thank you very much.

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Your family member or friend will usually be covered on this. You can read more on Learning to drive: Before you take a learner driver out, it is essential that both you and the learner meet all of the legal requirements, including licensing and insurance rules.

Normally, urles car drivers, the earliest date your provisional licence can become valid is your 17th birthday. You can drive a car when you are 16 if you get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment PIP. Find out more about cookies.