Comes with pen sets out of ink. Obviously I do not know how much ink is left. This works with no problems. If I decide to sell I will look for a guide price. Retired -need to give to a good home for someone starting up in…. Please make all necessary arrangements to have your items removed as soon as possible.

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Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems. Leave a bid now!

dx Comes with pen sets out of ink. Accept Cookies Learn More. To avoid using them too much I ran the functional test without pens.

Free (Essex UK) : Roland DXY pen plotter – Page 1

Obviously Roland dxy plotter do not know how much ink is roland dxy plotter. The drawing on the plotter in the photographs was stored with the plotter. The plotter can be used via a serial or parallel Centronics printer cable interface. I am tempted to have a 11100 using it as a vinyl cutter.

Well, if I sell it, what do you want to pay for it? Comes with the stand and a catch tray. Sale Date s Feb 05, Roland dxy plotter, of course, that it is still capable of understanding anything. They just make me want one even dxg.


Wed Dec plohter, To avoid using them too much I roland dxy plotter roland dxy plotter functional test without pens. You will only be able to use the serial connector if you have the datasheet that explains all of the commands that the plotter understands. It’s not a flatbed, so might have some registration issues on complex plots, but it’s cheap, still supported, and available at big-box stores.

What sort of price would you be looking for? In excellent condition but needs toner. Also shown in the picture are the user and technical manuals, a command crib sheet and a nylon dust cover. Retired -need to give to a good home for someone starting up in….

There are no software drivers, none are needed. Hi there, Realise this thread was from a while back, but let me know if you’re still looking to sell the plotter. As a student I want it to do my technically drawings for my projects and I can give you somewhere around the average ebay sold price, if you still want to sell itit is even better seeing as all the pens work. Surprisingly, pin 3 is not soldered to anything. Plotters are slow minutes per pagenoisy, and use consumables that are either expensive or hard to find.


Roland DXY 1100 XY Plotter – Untested

Holler at me if you are interested. I speak for myself, not Arduino. Does Roland still manufacture plotters? To avoid delays in the registration approval process, please check accuracy of all rooand provided. The other plots just visible on the dxt were created from programs running on a BBC micro.

I think they are all ink jet however.

I have now set it up and run self test on it. Skip to content Printers. If you really really have to have a plotter, the Silhouette Cameo hobby cutter can take pens.

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