Wow, just a few then! James Long June 5, at 8: Hi I have an Easy N ipcam that works great but last week I installed a dream box satellite and the cam stopped working. Simon March 21, at 4: Anonymous March 19, at 9:

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Any thoughts or experience of this please? Hi I am also having a problem to view my camera over the internet.

EasyN F Series User manual User Manual

Anonymous November 23, at 3: Check with your provider. I swries the same with 2 different cameras. I also have a paid account with yahoo as an imap and i used the right smtp port numbers all from 25,and even and still Nothing but the same error messages.

Is there a manual online? Anonymous September 24, at 6: I have a few questions about the software.

F series -Online CD

I have my easyn working when wired but when I disconnect there’s nothing. Really can’t figure out what has happened. Anonymous December 20, at I even tried different and in particular simpler and shorter passwords.


Then power off the camera and unplug the wired cable. I found the solution. I don’t understand how to do that! The discussion is that some ISP is blocking the Ports but they all deny it.

But I set them up in my shop and as soon as I set up the wireless the aeries goes through the rotations and stops so I give It a minute then disconnect the network cable and then it freezes.

Techland: How To: Configure EasyN IP Web Camera

There are 3 commonly used network connections in IP Camera: Your manual failed to upload Anonymous January 4, at Anonymous June 19, at It tells me that the username and or password is incorrect. I haven’t sussed sound at all, I can’t find a mention of it in the admin pages but then they are a little esoteric! Ok, as promised here is what I got from my email to easyn ; From the serues antenna connector to the power connector direction, in turn defined as 1, 2, 3, 4 interface.

Good luck to you all. Alternatively you could get involved in trying to stop the sending domain being marked as spam e.


Phil, This is a great blog. I’ve never had it not load though. Do you have to do anything special to get the two-way audio working?

Shraman June 26, at 7: I have followed the set up instructions and within the eeasyn menu it shows as ‘wireless lan set’ along with my key etc for my router, yet whenever i unplug the ethernet cable I can no longer view the camera either internally using Simon March 21, at 4: If so what do you get in a browser from that ip?

Posted by Phil Coultard at 1: Anonymous April 23, at One comment I need to make is to use IE when setting it up.