The remainder of the document will need to be resent to the embosser. Index Braille Hantverksvagen 20 23 Gammelstad Sweden http: Front panel has controls for ink and Braille, and built-in speech feedback. The paper jam can be cleared by shutting off the embosser and pulling the affected paper out. It’s that easy, all done automatically.

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Products have not been tested by DLF, therefore the rating is not an indication of the quality of the product. This is based on the standards a supplier meets and is rverest as a way to indicate those suppliers who may provide a better customer service.

Teaching and Learning Technologies: Accessibilty: Everest Braille Embosser

Using the same web interface Index app you can also: Printer driver for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is to the right of the printer. The suppliers’ adherence to the ISO series of standards is also considered. One embossing head with 13 hammers against steel anvils. Double sided, for cut sheet paper. We give greater weighting to suppliers who are members of trade associations with Codes of Practice which are approved by an external accreditation organisation or if they are a charity governed by the Charity Commission.

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Everest Braille Embosser

This can be accomplished by doing the following: Simple and Easy evereest Use: The Everest embosser is in a sound enclosure and can be accessed by opening two glass doors. Software is required to convert text to Braille before it is embossed known as Braille translation software. Press the top portion of the switch and the embosser will say “Everest Ready. The paper jam can be cleared by shutting off the embosser and pulling the affected paper out.


We feel that those companies who provide the most information about their products should be rewarded for their transparency. For more information on this software, please refer to the RNIB information page: They can update their records using our self-service system.

We particularly hope to encourage suppliers to be more up-front about their pricing. This includes the provision of an image of the product, whether the supplier has told us who manufactures the product, whether the braille has provided a description and whether a price has been provided.

Here are some possible questions to ask when purchasing braille printers: Emboss files directly from a USB Pen drive: The bottom of the paper must be on the ledge toward the rear of the sheet feeder.

Everest Braille Printer – Living made easy

If you are listed and need to update your details please read how to update your listing. Supplier name Guide price Last updated If you are one of the suppliers listed here, and don’t know how to update your product information please contact our Data Services team to find out how to update your information.


Some embossers can also print with ink and some can produce Moon. Excellent Braille dot quality: Easy to Use Control Panel: Visit us in Mumbai for a live demonstration of the entire range of Index Braille Embossers to witness the excellent benefits they offer and a host of other Assistive Technologies!

We encourage those who have used the products listed to post a review on Living made easy. Interpoint Double sided Braille: Before purchasing a Braille embosser it is worth considering issues such as whether you need to print single or double sided, the speed the embosser is capable of printing at and whether you need the printer to be evegest Adaptive Technology Resource Centre. High quality hammers provide excellent braille dot quality, a longer life cycle, higher embossing speed and lower power consumption.

Remove the paper jam.

Live Demo available at our Assistive Technology Showroom: Insert the paper behind the two rubber rollers in the paper feeder.