It looks like a fake to me: Anyone had any experience of http: He bring that iron club to me at my home. Biggest customer is in United State of Ameraca; he 6ft 6in and lbs. The first clue was the sound it made. I have sent an email to TM, I’m just waiting for a reply. I also read quite a few good reviews about the company.

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Are my Taylormade r7 TP Irons counterfeits?

This is simply the Golf retail industry trying to protect their markets,albeit with some dubious claims,but business is business and alls fair in a dog eat dog business,: All very genuine, especially the can openers. By the way, they were recently reshafted so the ferrules are not original.

Has anyone purchased golf clubs from golfclubsinternational? Only a subtle change and you would not notice unless you were comparing them with each other.

Counterfeit Golf Clubs

Both sites sell cheapest golf cubs in da world and amongst cheapest in Shenzhen; send your money now. I have a friend who purchased an R11 driver from gfsellers. They all come with steak knives that can slice gaylormade a steel pipe or a soft tomato.

For example under the heading of Retail Operations you will see that the sentences are not very well constructed and the choice of some words is very Chinese speak. They work out of the U.


I repeat that Rockbottom admitts it does not hold accounts with many major golf brands for the authorised purchase of golf clubs. I was wondering if anyone has heard or had any experience http: The website was not a secured site and B of A has had to give him a new account number.

I know because we have these guys in my league. I have recently bought Vega clubs on eBay does anyone know if this brand is regularly faked?

Find Threads Started by loK2thabrain. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. The “TaylorMade” lettering on the hossel should look even and well groved-meaning all the letters should look the same height and width-and thats all that should be taylotmade on the hossel.

The only reason I even attempted to buy clubs from them was because they were one of the only places that had a discontinued model of irons TaylorMade Burner 2. Those golfers who have to have the authentic clubs with matching serial numbers and think that will improve thier gamego to your pro shop and get your clubsand fak easyThose of you who r77 buy on ebay take a chancethose of you who want the real thing and try a chinese wbsitegood luck with thatand dont bitch about it later.

Looking at the X irons on Ebay, it appears to me that a whole bunch of them are almost certainly fakes.

Since then I always do research before buying. Originally Posted by Butcho My friend purchased a new set of King Cobra from the website last year. Just wanted ur opinion if these are safe or stay away from them.


TM R7 Draw, possibly fake?? – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

If you can please send us your address we can send you a brown paper bag. I expect a refund. The other clubs I bought from him look legitimate he was an older gentlemen, a retired firemen; invited in to his home Poker Players – Streaming Live Online.

It says they get sent from essex, england and not china, but not sure if there fake? In retrospect, this looked too good to be true, and was.

Counterfeit Golf Clubs – Golfbidder Information – Golfbidder

We ran the serial number fae your e-mail, and we were not able to pull up any specifications. Are overstock clubs real are just another fake product? Please do not wear clothing with any large distinguishable marks. I stand corrected to my post, kind of. There is not space to reveal all the tell-tale signs that mark out a counterfeit from the genuine article — but here are just a few examples of the sort of discrepancies which give the game away.