The following is an explanation of how to read this label. Take care not to use the handset and UIM in areas where they could get wet. I ask that you please verify your PayPal shipping address before making payment, if your payment is not from a verified PayPal account I have the right to void and cancel your order. Default Describes the default settings in the menu list. The battery pack may leak, overheat, burst or catch fire.

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It has an Automatic mode, Japanese and English languages that can be selected in the menu. Items which appear on the screen Shows a Description of the items displayed on the screen.

Also, you can link i-appli DX software to the information inside the i-mode handset such as the Phonebook entries and mail messages so that you can enjoy easier function usage with i-appli software. You can continue to use it even if it is warm. If the battery pack on your FOMA handset shows that it is nearly discharged shortly after you m70ig fully charged it, it is time to replace the battery pack.

Also, the operation of other infrared devices may be interfered with by the infrared port on the FOMA handset. If you are wearing any imbedded electronic medical devices, do not place the FOMA handset in a pocket close to the location of the device.


Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: Agregar a Lista de favoritos Agregar a lista de deseos. Prohibitions Denotes not to disassemble. The screens displayed on the handset itself may appear somewhat differently. Set the currency and its exchange rate of your overseas location to easily check the price in Japanese yen before purchasing an item.

Do not attempt to incinerate battery packs. Denotes to unplug from the outlet.

Check the user’s manual for the correct fuse. Do not store the FOMA handset or accessories in humid or dusty places, m702gi in hot areas. Denotes not to touch with wet hands.

P18 Precautions for Adapters Chargers If radio interference occurs between this product and Other Radio Stations, immediately move this product to another place or stop radio wave emission from this product to avoid radio interference.

You can select from conversion options to easily enter English sentences. A maximum image size of x dots can be captured with the Out Camera with approximately 2 million effective pixels 1.

Motorola Foma M702iG Manuals

Do not use excessive force to insert the battery pack into the FOMA handset even when you have difficulty in inserting it. Intellectual Property Issues 2. Video call screen Example: The rubber cap that closes USB port still on its place. M702igg water Do not disassemble Denotes not to use where it could get wet.


Cover the battery terminals with a non-conductive tape and take them to a service counter such as DoCoMo shop or dispose of them in accordance with procedures for disposing of battery packs set up by your local authorities. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our m70ig.

File:FOMA M702iG-01.JPG

Up to received mail and up fpma sent mail can be saved on the handset. Be careful not to let electrically conductive materials metal pieces, pencil leads etc. Index Jump to a chapter from the tabs displayed on the front cover. Use the specified battery pack.

Motorola Foma MiG Manuals

If you are not planning to use the FOMA handset for a long time, remove the battery pack from the FOMA handset after its power has been completely drained.

Do not disassemble, remodel or solder the handset and UIM. The guardian should also make sure that the instructions are followed during use. Also, do not place it at the bottom of a full bag, or where it will encounter excessive force.