Gembird Tool kit 25 pcs 8. Gembird parallel port PCI add-on card 7. Gembird UTP solid unshielded gray cable, cat. Gembird Data switch manual USB for 2 devices 8. Gembird euro plug to C19 socket power cord, 1. Gembird Screwdriver with Precision bit set, 32 pcs 8.

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UTP Cat6 Patch cord, 5 m, green 2. Gembird Serial port DB9 receptacle on low-profile bracket, 40cm flat cable 1. Gembird 19” mounting screws set 10 pcs 2.

Gembird Full HD action camera with waterproof case | Foto un Video » Fotokameras |

Gembird power extension cable with C14 input and C19 output 1. PC case fan Gembird, 80x80x25mm, 4pin 1. Gembird DB25 parallel port receptacle on low-profile bracket, 22cm flat gemgird 1.

Gembird server power supply unit 1UW Gembird FTP, 4×2, kat. Gembird 19” patch panel 24 port 1U cat. Gembird Gembird patch panel 19” 24 port 1U kat. Gembird Cooler fan, 70x70x15 mm, sleeve bearing, medium speed, 3 pin 1.


Gembird euro plug to C19 socket power cord, 1. Gembird Toslink optical cable, black, 10m 8.

Gembird AC mains 90W universal ge,bird power adaptor Gembird Stereo Earphones MP3, gold-plated 3. Gembird one jack surface mount box with one full-shielded keystone jack,bulk pac 2.

Saspiests gaiss Gembird ml 3.

Gembird adapter card Micro Sata to micro Sata 1. Gembird two serial ports PCI add-on card 8.

ვიდეოკამერა GEMBIRD Full HD WiFi action camera(ACAM-003) USB

Gembird telephone cord 6P4C 3 meters 0. Gembird VGA multiplier Gembird flat telephone cable stranded wire m, white 8. Gembird UK molded power cord 6ft 3. Gembird Power supply W Intel 2.

Gembird flat telephone cable stranded wire m, black 8. Gembird 19” bembird panel 48 port 2U cat. Gembird EU 2pin 1. Gembird ATX case, midi-tower, black, ”Fornax ” Gembird DVI video cable single link 4. Knaibles Gembird 3-in-1 modular crimping tool RJ45 4.

Gembird RG6 Coaxial antenna cable with F-connectors, 1. Gembird Precision bit set, pcs 7.


Genelec d.o.o. Tuzla. USB adapter typeA to VGA, BLACK, GEMBIRD AB-U3M-VGAF

Gembird cable organizer – Spiral Wrapping Band, 10m, black, 12mm 2. Gembird one jack surface mount box with cat.

Gembird Long-play Bluetooth Speaker Black