PWD Specifies the user password. You’ll be prompted with a user interface to connect to the server. If a join query with a keyset or dynamic cursor is executed in an Oracle database, an error occurs. Finally, if you have a return value and two query parameters, your string would resemble the following:. The parameter references are optional and depend on the structure of the stored procedure.

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Indicates which numeric functions are supported by the ODBC driver. I do have above mentioned key in the registry.

Error in connecting to Oracle thru MSDAORA – vbCity – The .NET Developer Community

How you use the Command object largely depends on the data source, and what type of query or command statement it will accept. Indicates a unique bit number for example, that specifies preferences related to the user’s language. The following properties are added to the Connection object’s Properties collection. Although increasingly more database vendors are implementing OLE DB interfaces, some data sources are not yet exposed this way. Open that file in text format and copy the connection string into your code.

CreateParameter “main”, adInteger, adParamInput ‘main. For a listing of function names and the associated values used in this bitmask, see Appendix E: Indicates whether the IRowsetChange interface provides extended information support. For more detailed information about Recordset behavior for your provider configuration, run the Supports method and enumerate the Properties collection of the Recordset to determine whether provider-specific dynamic properties are present.


Although a DSN definition already specifies a database, you can specify a database parameter in addition to a DSN to connect to a different database. I did this by installing ORAOledb Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

When our VMs migrated to bit Windows 7 with Excel msraora Indicates that after a new record has been inserted in a table, the last row in the table will be come the current row. Close Close End Sub I believe there are many problems in this code, but at the moment it fails when trying to execute. Indicates which time and date functions are supported by the ODBC driver. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

I’ve goggled around and found some examples. As with the ADO connection properties, these provider-specific properties can be set via the Properties collection of a Connection or as part of the ConnectionString. Unfortunately I can’t test it anymore: ODBC provides a specific syntax for calling stored procedures. Indicates the method used to reduce potential problems caused by two users trying to access the same data from the data source simultaneously.

Now I need to odvc to Oracle database which is running on remote server from Excel file.



But this will not give you the error you’re getting. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. The provider is free-threaded and Unicode enabled. Can I somehow ensure, that Oraoledb is properly installed on my machine? Avoid using this feature in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use this feature.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle Overview

Make sure you will download ODAC – Oracle Data Access Components – msxaora right -bit version of your excel installation because I had bit excel installed and thought it was bit as windows is bit so I was giving birth trying to get this working with bit ODAC version.

Oct 22 ’15 at 9: This will ensure that you connect to the correct database if another user changed the default database parameter since you last checked the Msdxora definition.

Open, saying, that “Provider cannot be found. For the CommandText property of a Command object, the CommandText argument to the Execute method on a Connection object, or the Source argument to the Open method on a Recordset object, passes in a string with this syntax:.

Feb 12 ’13 at